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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Zerum Rock Band get animated!

For the last year I have been an active member of Tony White's Animator's Sketch Club
Each month Tony sets a challenge that helps to develop observation, accuracy and character development, animation principles and well everything animated,  This month (June 2016) the challenge has been to create a set of four key drawings for a walk cycle that will appear in an animation on July 4th as part of the US Day of Independance day celebrations.

I have been working on some ideas recently where I am caricaturing some friends who are in Zerum  rock band here in Ayutthaya. Because the band cover some Gorillaz songs I started by using some of their design ideas.

Then I worked on the line up for the Animator's sketchbook challenge

And I couldnt resist making them into gifs!





This has been such fun and I think is starting anew set of ideas... who knows what can come from this shot of Zerum bringing life back into my animation!!

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