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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bouncing Balls

ICAP 112 Animation Studio 2 at MUIC

First Assignment exploring 12 Principles of Animation and it's the old classic Bouncing Balls. The bouncing ball animation is created using 6 Basic Principles of Animation

  • stretch and squash using elongated and contact frame
  • exaggeration
  • timing
  • arcs
  • keys - pose to pose
  • staging
  • Draw either on animation paper or use a graphics tablet in Photoshop, a sequence of a bouncing ball, plan the trajectory, build the sequence add contact, stretch, squash, slow in / slow out and timing, test and clean up. Determine what size, weight, momentum, bounciness and surface on which it bounces. 
Here's a first example from Ploy

Develop the same bounce into a sequence of your choice e.g. add more balls, add different size/weight, make the ball something else but use same trajectory, add spin, add more surfaces, add a gag….etc it’s up to you
A development from Mark

And one from Fun
Then onto the Home work Assignment
Flour Sack Stretch and Squash
Squash and Stretch exercise: Using the Flour sack explore the possibility of action involving stretch and squash
The Flour sack is your main key player for the semester. The various principles and technical exercises will involve using the flour sack to determine and develop your understanding of the skills without the distraction of other character design issues. What you do with your sack is open to interpretation and as the project progresses you can entertain a variety of scenario.
Here's Mint's test and developed sack! I think this term could be fun!

New centralised webpage

Millimations has a new front page to link all my work... still in the early stages but take a look:


Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Challenge from the Animator's Sketchbook Club - Balance

This month's challenge is all about Balance  and Tony White has selected a clip from Robin Cousins' gold-winning performance at the 1980 winter Olympics in the USA
 Here is my submission:
This first once shows a 'Pas De Deux' effect reminiscent of the Great Norman McClaren. the images were drawing directly into Adobe Photoshop using my Surface 3 and touch sensitive pen. I am trying to get used to this as a more immediate form of creating sketches that can be used in variety of ways in the digital world. 

I then spread them out around the page to see the whole sequence
And then selected the best 6 instead of the best 5 drawings that communicate balance. (I never was good at counting!)
Finally I then made an animated sequence to see how it all looked. I'm quite happy with the result as a first time test.

Friday, April 3, 2015


The Official ASIFA Thailand Chapter has been accepted into the international ASIFA family. Membership cards for the first 10 members have arrived...WATCH this space for more news soon!!!!!