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I animate, therefore I am a teacher. I teach, therefore I illustrate. I illustrate, therefore I draw on my environment. In drawing on my environment, I am animated!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So here are our illusions - thaumatropes, phenakistascopes and flickbooks.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Illusionary devices

I have been teaching animation now for over 20 years and I still delight in the simplicity and magic of the illusionary devices. This term has started with the year 1 Animation students at Mahidol University International College starting from basics...I love it!

Animation derives from the principle of perceived illusion of movement.

It is the principle which governs the creation of film and video

Animated: living, having life

Derived from the Latin

anima life

animare to breathe life into
Illusion: deceptive appearance

Movement: undergo a change of position/posture

Some Illusionary devices that demonstrate the principle: Flickbooks, Rollers, Zoetropes, Phenakistascopes, Thaumatropes, Praxinoscope, Magic Lanterns, Lamposcope, Theatriaxinoscope, Chorentoscope, Kinetoscope,Biophantoscope, Chronophotographic, Electrotachyscope, Zoopraxiscope and more…

Here are a few of my favourites:

As inspiration we watched a few fantastic films:
George Griffin - Head (Animation Unlimited DVD)
Ian Mackinnon - Adjustment (BAA 7 DVD) http://www.britishanimationawards.com/
Mark Simon Hewis - Life Sized Zoetrope (BAA 7 DVD)

Donato Sansone - Videogioco http://www.enricoascoli.com/

Jeff Chiba Sterns - Yellow Sticky notes

Serene Teh - Parkour

Displeased Eskimo (Jamie Bell) A Brief History of pretty much everything
If you want to have a go yourself at making a flip book into a movie then watch this 'tutorial' by fallofautumndistro October 08, 2007

Which all go to show that from such humble origins great things can be achieved!
So go on... get yourself a Post-it note.. and start telling tales!