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I animate, therefore I am a teacher. I teach, therefore I illustrate. I illustrate, therefore I draw on my environment. In drawing on my environment, I am animated!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

tickets please!

Tickets Please!
These are the scanned 'tickets' for the talks about our exhibition on the 8th floor, BACC, Bangkok on August the 4th 12-1pm and August 21st 3-4pm.  Each 'ticket' has a quote, saying, definition or explaination regarding  the exhibition. The overall concept being that of Dialogic, the Art of Dialogues and the point where the art of finding logics meet. So each ticket acts a stimuli for dialogue, a prompt in the search for logic and meaning in the installation on Death. There is no one complete answer to fully see the experience, but a variety of points that can then be discussed, mulled over, accepted or rejected, adapted and discareded as each person makes their own pathway through 'Death'

Friday, July 22, 2011

The build up to the EXPO!

I will explain later , just wanted to show the build up to the show's Opening last night.
Thanks to Khun Aime, the team at BACC, to Ping and Fern, Chris, Aaron, Dal and Bryan. Especially thanks to Pat and Ajarn Geaw for the translation