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Monday, June 11, 2012

A simplified abstract for the Memory Machine

The Memory Machine


This paper aims to explore mechanisms employed in recording and interpreting oral narratives and memory through the analysis of selected animated documentary texts of a biographical nature. Then from the analysis suggest possible methodologies which can work in constructing new animated documentaries, both for my own work developed from ideas inspired during the floods in Thailand 2011 and that can be used by my students.

It will explore issues of:
i)               materiality in terms of personal oral history with regard to memory, authentic representation and accountability.
ii)             materiality – with regard to issues of actual material loss and memorial loss caused by traumatic events
iii)            materiality - with regard to the construction medium chosen in representation of the message
iv)            the mechanics of creating a narrative from memories

As the nature of animated documentaries is so broad I have, for this paper, narrowed it to the sub category that most informs the work I am proposing for my own production. The texts selected for this analysis are subjective auto biographical and biographical works that encapsulate personal oral narratives from memories. This category offers an abundant choice of works to analyse as it is particularly suited to the animated form. For clarity in the analysis I have further sub-categorised it to Traumatic Memories (in terms of the retelling of a collectively experienced historic traumatic event from a personal perspective): Waltz with Bashir by Ari Folman and Silence by Orly Yadin and Sylvie Bringass.