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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dialogic birds sky test

This screen is almost empty, the movement is meant to be very little and it should give a feeling of big sky. A bird flies across (one of the photos accidently has a real bird in it. (I have fixed this ) This test didn't work so well as the clouds judder from one to the other, (I have fixed this). I like the blue tinge. The bird I have softened a little. I think this will be good as a contrast to the caterpillar sequence which is quite busy and the tree which builds in its mood, this one is 'jai yen yen'.

This is a further test for the tree scene. I have added colour. I like the feeling this gives and the idea of sunset coming, the end of the day, the transition moment before the darkness of night. The red in the clouds seems almost blood-like, which seems appropriate and the clouds move in a pulsing way like a slow heart beat. there is a section which has some rain effects where I want to add a bit of CG After effects to enhance the rain.
A few more over night renders and we'll be rocking!

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