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Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Challenge from the Animator's Sketchbook Club - Balance

This month's challenge is all about Balance  and Tony White has selected a clip from Robin Cousins' gold-winning performance at the 1980 winter Olympics in the USA
 Here is my submission:
This first once shows a 'Pas De Deux' effect reminiscent of the Great Norman McClaren. the images were drawing directly into Adobe Photoshop using my Surface 3 and touch sensitive pen. I am trying to get used to this as a more immediate form of creating sketches that can be used in variety of ways in the digital world. 

I then spread them out around the page to see the whole sequence
And then selected the best 6 instead of the best 5 drawings that communicate balance. (I never was good at counting!)
Finally I then made an animated sequence to see how it all looked. I'm quite happy with the result as a first time test.

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