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I animate, therefore I am a teacher. I teach, therefore I illustrate. I illustrate, therefore I draw on my environment. In drawing on my environment, I am animated!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I animate therefore I am a teacher
I teach therefore I illustrate
I illustrate therefore I draw on my environment
In drawing on my environment I am animated!

This blog is an extension of my work at Mahidol University International College.
It will, I hope be a place that I can collect and collate animation and related articles and work that has inspired and influenced me, to help support my teaching practice and to help inspire those who I teach and perhaps entertain and inspire those who would just like to know stuff.
I have taught animation for 18 years in the UK in many forms, from the fields of Glastonbury Festival to beach at Brighton , at Infant, Primary and Secondary schools, Sixth Form Colleges, Further and Higher Education Colleges and Universities.
I am now in Thailand (land of my inspiration) teaching on a BA Degree course in animation at one of the top Thai Universities, Mahidol. It is a dream job, I live in a dream place (Ayutthaya) and enjoy the company of some of the most amazing elephant people in the world.
I hope my dream can help others see what is important and what is worth preserving in this life.

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